Landlord Information

Western Australia has a unique residential property management system to protect the interests of both landlords and tenants. Owning investment properties is a great move to build wealth and passive incomes as it generates sustainable cash flow you and your family. Austpro Properties is a boutique all-rounder real estate agency. We are carefully managing every step of property management including putting the right tenants, responding to all maintenance requests, handling the tenants change-over and making sure the rental incomes are make on-time.


Our guarantees

Managing rental properties can be frustrated and stressful especially dealing with non-corporative tenants and poorly communicated property manager. As property investors ourselves, we understand the stress when dealing with late payments, lack of communication and executing wrong instructions. We also know the complication of charging multiple fees and charges in relation to property management. Property owners often need to ring property managers to clarify on cost and charges, this is frustrating.

In Austpro Properties, we are committed to bring changes to our business because we want you to have the biggest share of your investment.

Our guarantee:


In other words, you only pay us a flat management fee plus GST. There is no fees and charges for:

  1. Letting Fees

  2. Routine Property Inspection

  3. Property Condition Report

  4. Final Inspection

  5. End of Financial Year Summary

  6. Monthly Administration Fees

  7. Advertising Fees

  8. Postages and sundries

  9. Court Attendance Fees

  10. Public Holiday Loading Fees

Property management is a tough job but it can be easy with the assistance of cloud-based real estate technologies. We have eliminated routine administrative tasks through the use of property management software. With the dynamic and revolutionary approaches, our property manager can focus on assisting you to manage your property.

So leave all the hassles to us, we are ready and committed to assist you in your investment.