Landlord FAQs


Where do you advertise the property for rent?

All our rental listings are listed in popular websites such as,,, and more.

How do you check the tenant’s background?

Every tenant is required to inspect the property before they can apply for a rental. They are required to submit a formal rental application with 100 points ID, proof of incomes (payslip and bank statement) and their rental references. If the tenant does not has any reference on rental, a reliable personal reference needs to be submitted along with a letter of support to strengthen the rental application.

How much bond and rent do you take before the tenant starts the lease?

As per to the regulations from DMIRS, we have to collect 4 weeks rent as bond and $260 pet bond (if any) and the tenant is required to pay 2 weeks rental upfront to start the lease.

Do you inspect the property and how often you do that?

Our property manager will inspect the property as the routine inspection in the 6th week from the date of lease signing and every 4 months. If the house is up to our strict routine inspection standard, we will conduct a re-inspection and the tenant may be breached for not complying the Residential Tenancies Agreement.

Does the landlord conduct maintenance and who you use to conduct property maintenance?

Under the Residential Tenancies Agreement, the landlord has the obligation to maintain the property to the required standards, such as providing essential services such as plumbing, electricity, gas, lock and security of the house. If the tenant reports a maintenance problem, as a landlord, you can authorise us to spend up to a certain amount of maintenance limit to conduct necessary maintenance. You can also choose to conduct the maintenance yourself, however, you must use the qualified tradesperson to conduct the property maintenance work. We have a list of contractors that can conduct the appropriate maintenance work for the property.

Should I buy landlord insurance?

Landlord insurance is the last piece of financial compensation for any damages in the property by the tenant. The damages include non-payment of rent, malicious damage or the abandoned of premises by the tenant. We strongly encourage all our landlords to purchase landlord insurance to protect their investment properties.

What if my tenant does not pay the rent on time?

As a property manager, we are strictly adhering the standard to ensure the tenant is paid their rent on time. If the tenant is behind in their rental payment for more than 7 days, they will be served with a Form 1B – Notice of Termination for non-payment of rent. They might be sued to the local Magistrate Court for their lease to be terminated for non-payment of rent. The tenants also being advised that they cannot use their bond monies to pay for the rent arrears.

If the tenant has vacated the property or in the process of breaking the lease, what can you do as the property manager to minimise the losses?

As a property investor ourselves, we understand the importance of the consistency of the rental income to the property. If we have been notified by the tenant that they are vacating or breaking the lease, we will have to advertise the home for rent at the earliest time to ensure we rent out the property to the new tenant as soon as possible. If the tenant is breaking the lease, they have to pay the rent until we found a new tenant.

If the tenant has not being cleaned and left the property at the bad condition at the end of the lease, what can the property do?

Firstly, we will conduct a final inspection and report on the damages on the property. Comparing the final inspection report to the property condition report, if the damages on the property are the malicious damage by the tenant or we can prove that the tenant is not maintaining the property at the condition when they moved in, we can apply for their bond to be refunded to the owner. If there is any dispute on the bond monies, we will have to apply to the Magistrate Court for the bond to be finalised by the Magistrate.

I have a tenant in the property and I always manage myself, can I appoint you like the agent?

The answer is yes. We will conduct the property condition report as per to the standard we inspect and draft a lease agreement between you and the tenant. We will conduct the necessary to collect the bond monies and lodge the bond with the Bond Administrator.

If I have an existing property manager, can I switch to Austpro Properties?

If you have an existing property manager and you have a management contract with them, you are not able to change agent. However, if your management authority with the existing property manager is about to finish or you are in the periodical agreement with your property manager, you can terminate the existing agreement by giving at least 28 days’ notice to your agent.